Treatment for Dark Circles

Treatment for Dark Circles, treatment for dark under eyes, laser treatment for dark circles

Dark under eyes or dark circles is a common problem for both men and women. It is caused by a plethora of factors such as hereditary, aging, lifestyle habits and medical issues. Facial aging leads to thinning of the skin or loss of volume under the eyes. Smoking, alcohol consumption, unprotected sun exposure, and fatigue or lack of sleep can also contribute to this problem. Certain medical problems like allergies, hyperpigmentation, and hyporthyroidism can also cause dark under eyes. Barring serious medical issues, there are several treatments you can explore, most of which suggest a combination of therapy to achieve optimal outcome.

1. Laser skin resurfacing helps increase collagen production and improve skin's overall texture.
2. Intense pulse light helps with vascular pigmentation (blood vessels appear purple or blue).
3. Chemical peels help reduce hyperpigmentation.
4. Injectable fillers containing hyaluronic acid help restore volume under the eyes.
5. Surgery like blepharoplasty can help correct dark circles permanently.

What about topical or over-the-counter products? while they can camouflage and provide hydration under the eyes, they do not really solve the problem. 

Controlling Your Weight & Blood Sugar

Controlling your blood sugar is not an easy task but when you think of the long-term benefits such as preventing obesity and reducing the risks for diabetes-related problems like heart, vision and sensory problems, it keeps you motivated by paying attention to what you eat. Remember, a well-balanced blood sugar helps your body to burn stored fat as well as increase metabolism. Here are some tips you can follow:
controlling weight, controlling diabetes, controlling blood sug

July is UV Safety Awareness Month

July is UV Safety Awareness Month. Continued and unprotected exposure to UV or ultraviolet rays increases your risk for melanoma or skin cancer, sunburn and premature wrinkles. Sunlight and tanning beds are the major source of UV rays. According to the American Cancer Society, UVA rays are responsible for premature wrinkles while UVB rays cause sunburn but it's important to note that both UV rays play a role in skin cancer. Here are some tips to help keep you protected:

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