Summer days are almost over, it's time to say goodbye to dry, dehydrated and dull skin! For a limited period, we are offering $50 off of Oxygeneo Super Facial. 

Oxygeneo Technology is an innovative, medical-grade skin renewing facial that delivers three essential treatments to the skin simultaneously: exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin, infusion of revitalizing nutrients, and oxygenation of the skin generated from within. Oxygeneo Technology is specifically designed to work with nutrient-rich formulas for radiant and glowing skin. There are two treatments to choose from, either NeoRevive, an exclusive formula that delivers superior skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. It contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, and retinol which help rejuvenate skin immediately and reduce pores; or NeoBright which provides optimal skin lightening, nourishment and rejuvenation. It contains azaleic acid, kojic acid, and retinol which help with pigmentation, brown spots, and acne.

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Treatment for Neck Wrinkles

It's true, your neck reveals your real age. While most women spend on skincare products or treatments to reclaim youth, the neck or decolletage area are often neglected, predisposing one to the dreaded turkey neck. With the advancement in technology, there are treatment options to revitalize the neck area, in particular radiofrequency, a clinically-proven procedure which triggers collagen and elastin formation. With repeated series, patient will  see tightening and a more rejuvenated look. See Dr. Reed and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Marie as they demonstrate Pelleve in one of the episodes of Livin Hawaii TV.

Treatment for Tired Looking Eyes & Crows Feet

Treatment for Tired Looking Eyes & Crows Feet, botox, pollogen radiofrequency skin tightening

New at Ali'i Nani! Do you always look tired and haggard even if you're not? Do you have crows feet? Our Eye Rejuvenation Package can help minimize fine lines around the eyes as well as give you a fresh rejuvenated look. Call our clinic to schedule your complimentary consultation or book online http://ow.ly/ZGHy30cnemT

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal for Underarm

Have you been shaving or waxing your underarm? Have you thought of getting your hairs reduced and eventually removed permanently? Dr. Reed and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist showed IPL (intense pulse light) procedure last Tuesday night on Livin'Hawaii at KFVE (channel 5). IPL works by destroying hair follicles. It targets the pigment of hair follicles so the darker your hair, the better outcome. If you haven't done a procedure like this before, you will start with 3-4 treatments, spaced out 30 days apart with very few maintenance thereafter depending on the thickness of your hair. You will notice that in time, the hair growth is slower and much thinner. To schedule your appointment, please book online or call (808) 674-4300

Botox On The Bunny Lines

Did you catch Dr. Graeme Reed and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Marie at the premiere episode of Livin' Hawaii last Tuesday May 2nd? Hosted by Ms. Hawaii 2013 Crystal Montrone, the segment showed Dr. Reed injecting few units of Botox on the bunny lines. Bunny lines are expression lines so if you crinkle up your nose by habit, wrinkles can eventually develop. Botox is a neuromodulator that can help with bunny lines, along with other areas such as forehead, in between the brows or around the eyes. Here are some behind the scene photos from the first episode. We will be on Livin' Hawaii in the entire season 2, every Tuesday nights, 7 pm at KFVE.

botox bunny lines, botox kapolei, botox hawaii, botox honolulu

botox bunny lines, botox kapolei, botox hawaii, botox honolulu

botox bunny lines, botox kapolei, botox hawaii, botox honolulu

botox bunny lines, botox kapolei, botox hawaii, botox honolulu

botox bunny lines, botox kapolei, botox hawaii, botox honolulu

Watch Us On Livin'Hawaii at KFVE

We are excited to announce that we are going to be on TV! Watch Dr. Graeme Reed and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Marie Williams on Livin'Hawaii at KFVE every Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm. Premiere episode on May 2nd! Livin'Hawaii is a top local lifestyle TV show hosted by Ms. 2013 Crystal Montrone. Each week, we are going to show you the various aesthetic procedures we perform at our Kapolei clinic. Can you guess what we are doing on the first episode? here's the teaser, enjoy!

Ablative versus Non-ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

laser skin resurfacing, ablative versus non-ablative laser

Laser technology for skin resurfacing has come a long way. Performed correctly under experienced hands, it is the best beauty investment you can ever have. There are two types of laser: ablative and non-ablative. It is not a question whether which one is better because it all depends on the patient's expected or realistic outcome alongside the nature of the problem: acne scars, surgical scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage, among others. Oftentimes laser is combined with other procedures depending on the severity of skin issues. 

Ablative (CO2, Erbium) vaporize the top layer of the skin which triggers the skin to restructure and produce collagen. It is the gold standard in skin resurfacing and does a fantastic job even with one treatment but because it is more invasive, there is significant social downtime involved (several weeks to months), it's the storm before the calm.

Non-ablative (fractional) delivers heat to the dermis without affecting the top layer. This action also stimulates collagen and elastin restructuring. Because it is less aggressive, more treatments are needed to achieve desired goal. 

The cost of laser skin resurfacing depends on the area being treated and the number of treatments required. The energy setting is programmed to your skin type (lightest to darkest using Fitzpatrick skin typing). In general, only a doctor, registered nurse, physian assistant ot nurse practitioner can operate laser. 

Get Gorgeous Skin With Vitalize Peel

Chemical peels performed at a doctor's clinic is one of the several ways that can help address dull complexion, flaky skin, acne, acne scars, sun spots, dark spots and mild to moderate wrinkles. Done correctly, it can make your skin look better and your skincare products work better. Reason being, the combination of acids slough off dead skin cells and trigger your body to move the new cells up and multiply revealing smoother skin in time. Your skincare products will work better because there are no dead skin cells that affect their potency and efficacy. As there is no overnight solution to everything, getting chemical peel in series (minimum of 3 to start with) and annual maintenance is a good way to keep your skin looking gorgeous. Here are some pre and post-treatment instructions to help you with:

  1. Schedule your chemical peel appointment at least 2 weeks prior to a special event you are planning to attend. Depending on how your skin will react, peeling starts 48-72 hours after the treatment and can last anywhere between 2 to 5 days.
  2. Avoid using retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone or any topical medications at least 3 day before your treatment.
  3. Do not use exfoliants or refrain from waxing or getting any light-based or laser procedures one week before your treatment.
  4. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily.
  5. Although isolated, reactivation of cold sore/ fever blister may happen. If you have history of cold sores or fever blister, advise your doctor so you can be prescribed with prophylactic antiviral medication which you should take the day before or on the day of your procedure.
  6. If you are a new patient, come to your appointment 15 minutes prior to allow time for filling out intake and consent forms.

  1. Depending on how your skin will react, peeling starts 48-72 hours after the treatment. During this time, your face may feel tight and look red and in certain occasions, yellow to orange due to the peel applied. This tinge will resolve in a few hours, it is strongly advised not to wash your face for about six hours so as not to affect the efficacy of the peel.
  2. Depending on how your skin will react, peeling may last may last anywhere between 2 to 5 days. Do not attempt to remove, peel, pick or scratch the treated skin to prevent scarring.
  3. Use a gentle facial cleanser and apply lightweight moisturizer daily (eltaMD available for sale, ask the front desk).
  4. You can wear makeup 24 hours after the peel.
  5. Wait for 3 days before restarting retinol or any other topical medications.
  6. Always use sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Reapply every 2 or 3 hours especially if you are staying out longer.
  7. Refrain from getting any kind of facial treatment or procedure at least one week after your chemical peel.
  8. Although isolated but in case you develop cold sore, return to our clinic so Dr. Reed can prescribe you with medication.

Laser Hair Removal Pre and Post Care Instructions

So you have finally decided to do laser hair removal! To help you feel at ease with this type of procedure, here are some pre and post care instructions:

1. Avoid tanning such as excessive sun exposure, outdoor tan, tanning beds, self-tanning creams at least 4 weeks before your treatment.
2.  Use sunscreen with at least SPF30 daily.
3. No tweezing, waxing, epilation or electrolysis at least 4 weeks before treatment.
4. Shave the treatment area the night before or few hours before your procedure.
5. Don’t use retinoids or exfoliants within two weeks of treatment.
6. Discuss your concerns with the doctor or aesthetic nurse. Exclusionary criteria: history of seizures, pregnancy, undiagnosed lesions, immunosuppresion, active infections, blood thinners/coagulation issues, open lesions or hormonal problems. If you have history of herpes infection, cold sores or fever blisters, your doctor will prescribe you with a prophylactic treatment.
7. If you are a new patient, arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out necessary paperwork.
8. Optional: although a generally tolerable procedure, come 30 minutes before your appointment if you prefer a numbing cream to ease some discomfort.

1. Use ice pack on the treated area if it feels hot or look red every hour for 15 minutes until symptom subsides.
2. Optional: apply eltaMD laser enzyme gel (available for sale at our clinic, ask the front desk) on the treated area twice a day to ease discomfort.
3. You may experience mild sunburn-like sensation which usually lasts 2-24 hrs or in some cases 72 hrs. 
4. Although rare, in case of crusting or blistering , a topical antibiotic should be applied (your doctor will prescribe this to you). Don’t pick or remove scabs or blisters.
5. Apply moisturizer on the area if it gets itchy or dry
6. Use sunscreen with at least SPF30 daily
7. Avoid excessive exercise, jacuzzi, pool, sauna or hot tubs for 7 days or until redness has resolved
8. You may require additional treatments to achieve desired outcome.

New Aesthetic Treatments at Ali'i Nani: Pollogen Tripollar Skin Tightening, Voluderm RF Microneedling, Oxygeneo Advanced Microdermabrasion Oxygen Facial

Ali'i Nani is excited to be the first in Oahu to bring the following aesthetic treatments to Kapolei and surrounding areas!

OXYGENEO Advanced Microdermabrasion Oxygen Facial utilizes a 3-in-1 technology that exfoliates, infuses and oxygenates the skin, revealing soft and visibly radiant skin right away.

Oxygeneo Technology is an innovative, medical-grade skin renewing facial that delivers three essential treatments to the skin simultaneously: exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin, infusion of revitalizing nutrients, and oxygenation of the skin generated from within. It is specifically designed to work with nutrient-rich formulas for radiant and glowing skin.

Unlike traditional microdermabrasion which can be harsh to the skin because it's done dry and utilizes a vaccum suction which makes skin appear red after the treatment, Oxygeneo gently exfoliate and massage the face using a combination of nutrient-rich gel which makes the experience truly relaxing. This technology allows the skin to look radiant, fresher and brighter right away. For troubled skin such as acne, sun spots or pigmentation, consider getting series of treatment to achieve optimal results. The good thing about this facial is that there is no downtime so if you have an upcoming event and you want to look radiant, you can do it on the day or at least two days before the event.

Ali'i Nani is also the first in Oahu to bring Pollogen Tripollar treatment, the world's most advanced RF (radiofrequency) technology which is clinically proven to help with wrinkle reduction, firmed and rejuvenated skin, facial contouring and skin tightening. It works by heating the fibroblasts of the skin which then pulls the collagen strands closer for immediate skin tightening. This action stimulates the body's natural collagen renewal resulting to firmer and more supple skin no matter what age you are. It can be used on the face, neck, upper and lower body. The procedure feels like a warm massage. It is pleasant and pain-free and depending on the area of treatment, you spend an average of 30 minutes in the clinic. A minimum of six sessions to achieve optimal results.

For acne scars, wrinkles and skin resurfacing, Ali'i Nani also offers Pollogen Voluderm, a cutting-edge technology that uses fine micro-pins and radiofrequency that trigger your body's own natural healing mechanism. This procesure stimulates the body to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Voluderm treatments result in long-term wrinkle reduction, skin resurfacing and facial lifting leaving your skin tighter, firmer and refreshed. The treatment itself is painless but some patients may experience very mild pricks. Depending on your skin type, your skin may look red for few hours to a day but in general, there is no dowtime involved.A minimum of five sessions to achieve optimal results.

Is Sculpsure Right For You?

New year, new you! With 2017 in full swing, most of us are in the crossroad of finding the best option to improve our health and appearance. While dietary changes and lifestyle modification all point to better health and possibly achieving your desired weight goal, there are still some who can't seem to get rid of stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. That's where the beauty and science of Sculpsure comes in. 

fat reduction, laser fat reduction, sculpsure for fat, is sculpsure right for you?

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