Is Sculpsure Right For You?

New year, new you! With 2017 in full swing, most of us are in the crossroad of finding the best option to improve our health and appearance. While dietary changes and lifestyle modification all point to better health and possibly achieving your desired weight goal, there are still some who can't seem to get rid of stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. That's where the beauty and science of Sculpsure comes in. 

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Sculpsure is the first and only FDA-approved laser treatment designed to permanently destroy up to 24% fat cells in the abdomen and love handles, including other areas such as thighs and arms. It's a 25-minute procedure done in a clinic performed by laser-certified doctor and/or registered nurse, without surgery, anesthesia and downtime involved. If you are contemplating on getting a Sculpsure treatment, here are important things you should know:

As with any procedure, it is the physician's responsibilty to determine and evaluate whether Sculpsure is right for you. With that said, choose a clinic with credible reputation and laser-certified staff. Sculpsure is typically contraindicated to patients with open lesions or wound, unrepaired abdominal hernia, pregnant or breastfeeding. You also need to disclose to your doctor if you have or have had the following conditions or procedures: history of immunosuppression such as HIV infection or AIDS or use of immunosuppression medications, received or anticipating to receive antiplatelets, anticoagulants, thrombolytics or antiinflammatories within 2 weeks prior to treatment, has coagulation disorder or currently using anti-coagulation medications, previous procedure or surgery to treatment area which may have resulted to decreased sensation or scar that may interfere with the treatment, have active tan or exposure to artifical tanning devices or excessive sunlight a week before or after the treatment, history of photosensitivity or taking photo-sensitized medications, history of neuropathy or impaired skin sensation, history of keloid formation, and history or evidence of melanoma or skin cancer.

Depending on the area, most patients require two or more treatments although some are generally happy and satisfied with one session. The more pinchable fat in the area of treatment, the more realistic you should be when it comes to expectations. Results vary per patient but in general, you should be able to notice results in six weeks with optimal outcome in 12 weeks. You will be required to go back to the clinic where you had the procedure done during this period for evaluation which includes consultation with the doctor and/or aesthetic nurse and photo (before/after) comparison. So where do fat cells go? your body eliminates the destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system.  It is important to note that Sculpsure is not a weight loss program because you will still see difference in the treated area even if you're not trying to lose weight. However, most patients see dramatic results with proper diet and exercise.

Ready for a body makeover?

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